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LEADS identifies 40-60% of your previously anonymous website traffic and delivers it to you in a comprehensive, easy to use dashboard.    

Data Delivery

  • Email Validation
  • Address Validation
  • Mobile Advertising ID and Delivery
  • MD5 Hash to Email Identification

CRM Boost

By combining our data with your CRM, we’ll fill in the missing data so you can have a complete overview of your customers and expand your sales engagement.

Save Money On Your Marketing Channels

Get every dollar out of your existing marketing strategy!
We will validate your visitors, so you can focus on turning real leads into sales using:



Social Media

Call Centers

Direct Mail

Paid Search

Focus Your Advertising Strategy

LEADS offers products and services you can trust.

Pinpoint which marketing efforts are paying off and cut ineffective methods out.


Get every dollar out of your existing marketing strategy!
We will validate your visitors, so you can focus on turning real leads into sales using:


The LEADS dashboard is easily accessible from any web browser.

How does it work?
We identify 40-60% of your websites’ anonymous traffic using our script which can track every page visited on your site.  Once their contact information is identified, we validate and deliver them to you!

What do I get?

  • Access to your website visitors contact information by first name, last name, email address, physical address, webpages visited, phone number (when not on National Do Not Call Registry), and more.
  • Sort and Filter options for your newly identified customers by date, address, name, email, phone number and more.
  • Export your identified visitor list to an Excel format for your marketing and more with a simple click of a button.
  • Website page logs revealing where your identified visitors navigated throughout your website.
  • Form fail leads delivered to the dashboard or your CRM. These leads are from visitors on your website who clicked on one of your submittal forms or add to cart buttons and did not fully complete their order or submission.

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Email Validation

We run all of your identified visitors through our multi-method validation process to make sure the visitors email is deliverable and matched to the right person.  In addition, we only send you the matches who signed up to receive third-party offers, so you can market to them in confidence.

99.5% Clean Emails

We provide a smarter way to clean emails through our multi-method validation approach.  We combine both real-time email verification and email hygiene, that identifies more hard bounces and email threats such as spamtraps, complainers, bots, litigators and more.  Simply removing these harmful email addresses will increase email deliverability performance, help create conversions, increase website traffic, raise engagement rates, and improve sender reputation.

Address Validation

Through advanced hygiene tools we can help you improve your deliverability rates, save money, eliminate wasted postage by updating addresses, and keeping your database free of outdated and inaccurate addresses.

Stop 90% of returned mail

CASS: Coding Accuracy Support System™

This supports address verification with a measurable standard for accuracy.  It also represents a very high bar set by the US Postal Service to ensure that address verification meets very strict quality standards.

Delivery Point Validation™

This process verifies that an address is actually deliverable, meaning that mail can be sent to that address.  A submitted address is checked against our authoritative database, and if there’s a matching entry in our database, the submitted address is declared “valid.”  If there’s no matching address in the database, the address is “invalid,” and mail cannot be shipped there.

Mobile Advertising ID

To utilize MAIDs, you need a partner with a large data pool, and that’s where LEADS comes in!  We take multiple IDs for a given user and cross-reference it against existing data.  This ensures the person you’re seeing is… really the person you’re seeing.

What does a MAID look like?

A sequence of digits that identify a person’s device, for example, 504340280EA00B10.

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Entry Package

Our most basic program is anything but that!  Expect a full-featured set of tools to maximize the opportunities hidden in your online presence.  Great for a new business, solopreneur, or relaunching a business needing a leg up on the competition.

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Enterprise Package

Do you own your market?  Are you gaining traction with multiple locations?  Our Enterprise-ready program takes all the best of a large scale operation to leverage your mystery shoppers on a game-changing level!

Custom Package

World domination? Complex organization? We are here to help with a one-off platform dedicated to your evolving needs!

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